Size of toy - 3,5 inches (9 сm).
Yarn - 100% cotton mercerized. Filler - hollow fibre.

Knitted Christmas Tree Toys

Needles won't become yellow and won't crumble, if the toys fall - they will not break. We did this Christmas tree with my husband this year. Handmade from start to finish.

Crochet Little pink pig -

Little pink pig went to her new home. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Crochet dog Chase PAW Patrol

Available on ETSY Chase is a German shepherd puppy, and a main character of the PAW Patrol. He is 7 years old. He is a police and traffic cop dog. He wears a police hat and rides a police car that he uses for missions. He is definitely a leader, and takes things very seriously when on patrol. His purpose is to track missing animals or people using his spy gear. He can be very playful when there are no missions.

crochet pumpkins

New crop of crochet pumpkins

Crochet sunflower - CrochetToys

100% natural materials. Only yarn and filler

Crocheting: How to create hair -


979 threads, measured, sliced and tied up - one after another. Each folds in half, the hook dives into the loop on the head, grip, broach, tighten. So from each come out 2 hairs. Total - 1958. 5 hours of work. In the end I turn on the hairdresser - cut, trim. Done! Kusia has a great hairstyle. ?

Crocheted Tooth - CrochetToys

I have crocheted this tooth to my dentist. The surprise was a success.

Crochet Bouquet Of Tulips

Spring is a beautiful time. The time when flowers bloom and trees turn green. Everything wakes up and comes to life. My first bouquet of flowers this year. 100% natural materials. Only yarn and filler.

My new crochet Dog - symbol of 2018

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Halloween: Free Pattern Crochet Bat



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